Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last weekend we went with Eric, Teresa and Rachel to the biggest pumpkin patch I have ever seen. We walked around and picked out some sweet pumpkins. And the best part was that they were all the same price no matter what size they were. They also had a free animal farm that we got to go see all the animals at after too. Then Josh and I went home and carved some pumpkins the next day.

These are pictures with some of the girls from school. (I was a boxer)

Left - Josh's, Right- Tee's

Here is Rachel staring at the Mini Horse.


So earlier in October, one of the mountains we have our season passes to opened so we went the first weekend. The mountain only had one run open so it got boring really fast but it was nice to be able to go snowboarding in the middle of October. Now we just have to wait till next weekend and then Breckenridge opens. YEAH!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is for Makenna

Last weekend when Makenna came out for my birthday she made good friends with our cats, sam and delilah. We "adopted" Sam and Dee from Josh's parents because they thought they had too many animals in their house. Plus, I just fell in love with them cause they are so cute. Makenna had so much fun playing with them last weekend and having them come sleep in the bed with her. The first night she was here she woke up in the middle of the night and the first thing she said was, "Where are the cats?" Here is some pictures of Sammy and Dee for Kenna to see.

Fat Sammy

Dee likes to hide

Dee watching the squirrels outside

Monday, September 8, 2008

The best birthday present

So, I'm sitting at home this last Friday after work, it's a rainy day and I got all cuddled up on the couch in a blanket waiting for Josh to get home from work at any minute. I put in a movie and about 10 minutes later i hear a knock at the door. I'm kinda wondering why in the world Josh would be knocking at the door but I'm not expecting anyone else. I think about it for a few seconds and then go to the door and hear a knock again. I decide to open it. When I open the door I see my adorable niece Makenna standing there with her suitcase, Josh with a camera and my mom standing there smiling. I don't do surprises so I am in complete shock because I have no idea that my niece was going to be coming to visit me. When I finally realized what was going on, I could not be more excited. I miss my niece so much and it's so hard being away from her. We are best buds and I love every minute I get to be around her. My mom knows this so by birthday present to me was to bring my niece up to see me. It was so awesome and so much fun having her here for the weekend. On Saturday we went to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver which I have been wanting to go to all summer long but Josh has been holding me off so that we could go with Makenna. Well, since that didn't take all day, we could see Six Flags from the Aquarium and Makenna said that she wanted to go there. So, we headed over to Six Flags for the rest of the day and had so much fun. Makenna went on the Ferris Wheel and the Rapid ride and got soaked but she just laughed about it. We had to take them back to the airport on Sunday so Makenna could get back to school on Monday. But having them here this weekend was the best birthday present I could ask for and I actually had no idea that it was coming. Thank you so much Mom and Sherman for doing this for me. I'm so thankful that Josh was nice enough to sleep on the couch so that Makenna and I could have a slumber party together for a couple nights.

Leaving Six Flags after a long day

Makenna loved the Choo Choo

She was dying to get her face painted...of course I gave in

Nonie hates the Ferris Wheel...Kenna thought she was a scaredy cat!

HAHA...this was hilarious

Uncle Josh helping shoot some kids with a foam ball

First ride on the Ferris Wheel...she wasn't scared at all

Looking under the fish tank

We were looking at Six Flags through this thing

Hanging out at home

Kenna chasing the bubbles

Chillin with Bruce

She's a scuba diver

Josh's B-Day

It was Josh's B-day on September 1st which was also Labor Day which means that we had the day off of work...YEA. Since our birthdays are only about a week apart, we celebrated both our birthdays with Josh's family on Labor Day. We went over to Mom and Dad Riewerts house on Sunday night and spent all night playing Rock Band which Eric brought over. That game is awesome. We played for hours until we decided that we should probably go to bed since we were getting up early to go hiking in the morning. Got up that morning and headed out to the Rocky Mountain National Park. We went on a beautiful hike and then went back into Estes Park to have a picnic. When we got back to Mom and Dad's we had dinner later that night and celebrated our birthday's. We had so much fun being able to spend the whole day and celebrate with our family.

My monkey

I made friends with a chipmunk again.

The whole crew